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When choosing Elements Naturals® products you become part of a community that’s focused on being environmentally-responsible in how they choose to live their lives. Your one small action, when combined with others, helps change the world for the better one step at a time.

The USDA defines biobased products as those whose main ingredients are from renewable plant, animal, marine, or forestry materials.

Composting turns degradable materials into useable compost-humus-like material that enriches the soil and returns nutrients to the earth. "Compostable" claims would be appropriate on products or packages that will break down, or become part of usable compost (for example, soil-conditioning material or mulch), in a safe and timely manner in home compost piles. For composting, a "timely manner" is approximately the same time that it takes organic compounds, like leaves, grass, and food stuff, to compost. learn more

Claims that a product is "degradable," "biodegradable" or "photodegradable" mean that the materials will break down and return to nature within a reasonably short time after customary disposal. learn more

While it is true that there is no official, U.S. government regulated definition for the term “natural” pertaining to the natural products industry, the FDA refers to natural ingredients as "ingredients extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically."

Naturally Derived
A substance whose basic raw material comes from nature and is converted using a safe, approved process.

A rapidly renewable resource is a plant that has a short regeneration period to full maturation, usually in stark contrast to the material they are replacing.

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