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february 2011
Our founder on being a mom and entrepreneur at "In 2007, Linda Naerheim founded Elements Naturals® in Bend, Oregon, with the aim of developing high-quality baby products that are designed with babies and the environment in mind. She found success rather quickly, and with it came little nuggets of wisdom that can surely help us all. My favorite? ”Never take no for an answer. It just means ‘not now.”

november 2010
FOX news features Elements Naturals®. watch here.

october 2010
Must Haves - Styled by Elements Naturals®. Featured in the September issue of Pregnancy Magazine. read here.

july 2010
Elements Naturals on"All else being equal, if you had the choice of using an oil-based product or a compostable, renewable plant based product on your baby’s delicate skin, which would you choose?" read here.

april 2010
Elements Naturals makes the "A List" in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine. Pick up the April issues today! read here.

february 2010 - "When it comes to dirty diapers, there are baby wipes and then there is this one." read here.

february 2010
Elements Naturals® featured in Parents magazine - Green Potty Products
A kinder Clean - 100% compostable and biodegradable wipes.

If you are interested in seeing more great press about Elements Naturals®, drop us a line.
march 2010
Bundles of (Green) Joy. Elements Naturals gets a nod from San Francisco's Eucalyptus magazine read here.

spring 2011
Ingeo™ Earth Month. The 7th edition of Ingeo Earth Month celebrates responsible product innovation in everyday life with partnerships, forums, and discussion panels across the globe. Elements Naturals® is proud to be a part of Ingeo's ten brand innovation gallery. read here

summer 2011
The Frugal Navy Wife. "These get 2 thumbs up in my book!" read here

A Time Out For Mom. "Cloth diapering has many purposes and one of them is to minimize waste. Why not do the same with wipes? By using Elements Natural Wipes, you are taking one step towards minimizing your own waste that just SITS in landfills and does not break down."
read here

Smart Girl Reviews "I truly like the soft and thick large-sized wipes" read here

MommyPants "Compostable Wipes are good for everybody" read here

Eco Childs Play "Even though I don’t have babies in cloth diapers anymore, I still use baby wipes for the car. They are great for cleaning up sticky hands and outdoor bathroom necessities on the road." read here

spring 2012
What's NEXT? 51 companies shaping the future of natural & organic. While this company has sold compostable baby wipes since 2009, Elements Naturals introduced the first 100 percent BPI-certified compostable diaper at Expo West 2012. They are made entirely from plants and have unparalleled performance (no risk of diaper rash, supreme absorbability), making the company a leader in the market for zero-waste baby care. read here