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about us

Elements Naturals® is more than a consumer products company; it’s a way of life. For us, being successful means providing economic benefits while protecting your family’s health and the environment.

Like nature, we take the systems approach in everything we do. From product development, design and production, to our workforce, transportation, and our local community. These philosophy’s combined is what Elements Naturals® was founded on, both the company and the brand.

Nature Made
Natural, Naturally Derived, Bio-Based, Renewable; these are the resources Elements Naturals® turns to when developing our products. And when they’re not available, we still take an extra step by choosing a safe, sustainable, man-made alternative.

Parent Approved
A product may be great in theory but when it comes down to it performance is everything. That’s why at Elements Naturals we take your suggestions seriously. Which was why in May 2010, we launched a new and improved version of our baby wipes. You talk; we listen. It’s that simple.

Against Animal Testing
Elements Naturals® performs absolutely no animal testing on any of our products, and does not endorse, request, or commission any animal testing on our behalf. We also ensure that our suppliers do not perform any animal testing on our behalf.